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2 HOURS 30 | FROM 150€ | ☆ ALL LEVELS

Self-makeup classes teach you how to do your own makeup , both to enhance yourself in everyday life and for special occasions.

These courses are taught solo (for one person) or in pairs (for two people), depending on the desired level:

Level 1: Learn how to perfectly apply makeup to your complexion and eyebrows and do simple eye makeup.

Level 2: Learn how to create sophisticated makeup (contouring, evening makeup, etc.).


The self-makeup course is accessible to anyone wishing to learn how to apply makeup on their own.


You must bring your own make-up bag and brushes.

Equipment will also be made available to you.

For all levels

We train students from all walks of life, individually or collectively.

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Makeup Artist for more than 10 years, the founder Adjinaya learned the profession of professional makeup artist as an autodidact, then for 6 months in a prestigious school.

Over the years, she has made a name for herself in the world of beauty and imposed a style while combining different make-up techniques, including American, Russian and Brazilian techniques.

Nicknamed El Professor, she sublimates you for your special occasions when she is not in the studio for her individual and collective training.

Adjinaya and her trainers welcome you to a dedicated space of 233m² in the Paris region. The concept: favor quality over quantity, which is why training is only done in small groups to encourage sharing, exchange and follow-up.


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